When attaching a camera with a sensor inch larger than the compatible camera sensor inch of the lens

Observe micro meter with a general-purpose lens

What is a macro lens/macro zoom lens?

About connecting the stereo microscope camera

Difference between digital microscope and stereo microscope

Difference between digital microscope magnification and stereo microscope magnification

Combination of flat dome lighting and polarizing filter

Stereo Microscope that can be attached to a microscope smooth arm

How to install a general-purpose ring lighting on a stereo microscope

Digital microscope that is easy to use on the inspection line

What is the concept of magnification of a digital microscope?

Tips for observing the drill cutting edge

How to measure length using a digital XY table

“Suitable microscopes” and “unsuitable microscopes” for dimension measurement

When using the length measurement function of a microscope for quality control

How to measure the surface of large objects or cylindrical objects

How to measure the surface of large objects or cylindrical objects

Difference between profile projector and digital microscope

Difference between measuring microscope and digital microscope

Basic adjustment of stereo microscope

Replacement of stereo microscope for visual inspection

Color? Monochrome? How to choose a high-speed camera

Must see! How to choose a high-speed camera

High-sensitivity FHD camera for borescopes

How to inspect the inside of the hole?

Precautions when using the borescope

Features of Borescope (Rigid Scope)

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