Color? Monochrome? How to choose a high-speed camera


Color? Monochrome? How to choose a high-speed camera

Shodensha's high-speed camera can shoot up to 1000 frames at a low price.
Available in monochrome and color, both at the same price.

If you have color, you don't need monochrome, right? It is often said that monochrome has its own merits.
First of all, it does not use RGB, so the sensitivity is very high.
It's bright enough to shoot 800 frames under fluorescent lights in your room. (Flicker may occur depending on the fluorescent light)
Also, the capacity of the video shot in monochrome is lighter than that in color, and it is possible to shoot for a longer time.

If you absolutely have to judge the color of an object, color is necessary, but if you don't particularly need color, monochrome is recommended.

In addition, conventional high-speed cameras had to store images in the camera's internal memory, which limited the shooting time.
The new camera does not have built-in memory, but uses the PC's memory to take pictures.
Therefore, as long as you have the memory of your PC, you can shoot as much as you have.
We also have optional long-term recording software, so you can record in minutes or hours.

We also rent demo machines, so if you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

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