Combination of flat dome lighting and polarizing filter


Combination of flat dome lighting and polarizing filter

This flat dome lighting is suitable for detecting defects in curved products, inspecting the surface of metal products, and inspecting markings on irregularly shaped workpieces such as uneven surfaces, but by using a polarizing filter in the lens, the effect of halation is reduced. Some things can be clearly observed.

●Wear condition of the drill cutting edge

●Fiber scratches and foreign matter

●Crack in bending process (〇 part)

In both cases, there are some areas where the halation is intensely reflected and cannot be seen with normal ring lighting.

This was improved by changing the lighting to flat dome lighting, and was further improved by installing a polarizing filter on the lens.

The following methods can be used to suppress halation.
・Use a monochrome camera
・Attach polarizing filters to lenses and lights

The advantage of this method is that because a color camera is used and there is only one polarizing filter attached to the lens, the colors of the real thing and the monitor image are close to each other and can be observed without any discomfort.

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