Must see! How to choose a high-speed camera


Must see! How to choose a high-speed camera

What is a high-speed camera?
A camera with a shooting speed that exceeds the normal video frame rate (30FPS).
In other words, it is a camera that photographs high-speed phenomena.
Although there is no clear definition, many high-speed cameras can shoot at high speeds of 100FPS or higher.
There are various manufacturers and models of high-speed cameras, and many of them have high-grade specifications and cost several million yen.
So, what criteria should you consider when purchasing a high-speed camera?

Selecting a high-speed camera - what information is required at that time? -
So, what kind of information is needed when actually selecting a high-speed camera?
We talked about speed earlier, but that's not the only information you need.
At a minimum, information such as ``number of frames (speed)'', ``number of pixels'', ``recording time'', and ``monochrome or color'' is required.
Let's take a look at the information for each item from the following items.

High-speed camera selection - Number of frames (speed) -
Although high-speed cameras are called high-speed cameras, there are many types of maximum shooting speeds depending on the manufacturer and model.
Generally speaking, the faster the shooting speed, the higher the price.
For example, if the shooting speed is slower than the high-speed phenomenon you want to photograph, you will not be able to photograph it well.
On the other hand, if it is too early, it will be over-specified and will be unnecessarily expensive.
So, what kind of frame rate (speed) should you choose a high-speed camera?
The important thing is whether the camera can cover the number of frames (speed) that it can handle for the high-speed phenomenon you want to photograph.

High-speed camera selection - Resolution -
Even though it is a high-speed camera, there are many different maximum resolutions (pixels) depending on the manufacturer and model.
Generally, the higher the maximum resolution, the higher the price.
Furthermore, higher resolution requires more data and tends to take less time to record.
So, what kind of resolution high-speed camera should I choose?
High-speed cameras do more than just take pictures.
After shooting, we perform "video storage," "frame-by-frame playback," "still image sampling and storage," and "software analysis and evaluation such as motion analysis and fluid analysis."
The important information in this case is resolution.
For example, if you want to perform detailed analysis and evaluation after shooting, choose a high-resolution image.
On the other hand, if the resolution is too high than what you want, it will be overspecified and will be unnecessarily expensive.
So, what kind of resolution high-speed camera should I choose?
The resolution you need depends on what you want to do after shooting.
It is important that the required resolution is within the maximum resolution.
Also, if the item allows you to select a resolution within the maximum resolution, please select the shooting resolution to be used when shooting.
At the highest resolution, the amount of data will be unnecessarily large, resulting in a slower number of frames (speed) and a shorter recording time.
In fact, the number of frames (speed) mentioned earlier and the required resolution are closely related, and will affect the recording time.
If there are many different manufacturers and models and it is difficult to compare them, we recommend that you compare and select at VGA (640 x 480) resolution. ​

High-speed camera selection - Recording time -
High-speed cameras come in monochrome and color versions.
I often hear people asking for color, but the truth is that monochrome images produce better images.
If color information is not required for analysis, analysis, or evaluation, we recommend choosing a monochrome type.
Monochrome images not only produce clearer images, but are also brighter than color images, and the file size is also smaller. ​

High-speed camera selection - Comprehensive summary -
The above-mentioned information such as ``number of frames (speed)'', ``number of pixels'', ``recording time'', and ``monochrome or color'' are closely related, and these four pieces of information should be considered as a minimum when selecting a high-speed camera. , is the necessary information.
In addition to the above four items, it is also necessary to select lighting such as strobe synchronization, lens selection related to shooting distance and magnification, and image recording storage medium and method.
If you have any trouble selecting a high-speed camera or associated equipment, please feel free to contact us.
In that case, please contact us with the information below.
・What is the subject of photography?
・Size of photographic subject
・How fast is the subject being photographed?
・Distance from subject to lens
・How much recording time do you need?
・Monochrome or color?
・What do you want to do after shooting?

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