How to measure length using a digital XY table


How to measure length using a digital XY table

Many microscopes on the market come with a dimension measurement function.
However, even if they have measurement functions, some types are difficult to use.

When using the measurement function, a microscope can be said to be suitable for dimension measurement if the following two points apply.

(1) It is a zoom lens.
(2) It has a scale, and each scale has a latch function.

In the following, we will introduce each item in detail.

(1) Zoom lens
There are 2 types of lenses that can continuously vary magnification.

・Variable magnification lens
・Zoom lens

"Variable magnification lenses" are not suitable for measurement because the focal length changes significantly when changing the magnification.
"Zoom lenses" are suitable for measurements because the focal length remains almost the same even when the magnification is changed.

- Not suitable for measurement - Variable magnification lens (our SG series)
(at maximum magnification)

(at minimum magnification)

- Suitable for measurement - Zoom lenses (other than our SG series)
(at maximum magnification)

(at minimum magnification)

(2) Scale and latch function
When measuring dimensions, reproducibility of conditions is important.
If the optical magnification (scale) is marked on the lens and each scale has a latch function, variations between operators will be eliminated and reproducibility can be maintained.

- Not suitable for measurement - No latch function
Low price microscope (SG series)

Low magnification microscope (LRS series)
Long distance microscope (LRA series)

- Suitable for measurement - All other series have scales and latch functions.

(Supplement) If you want to measure with a low magnification microscope
As mentioned above, our "low magnification microscope" (LRS series) is not suitable for dimension measurement.
(Because reproducibility cannot be achieved)
Although the magnification cannot be as low as the LRS series, if you attach a "0.5x auxiliary lens" to the TG series, you can use it as a low-magnification microscope with good reproducibility.

TG series

Click here for details on the above microscope TG500CS

0.5x auxiliary lens

Click here for details on the above 0.5x auxiliary lens TG-0.5

Although it is not possible to achieve the low magnification of the LRS series, it is possible to maintain a field of view as large as two coins and perform measurements with high reproducibility.

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