Difference between profile projector and digital microscope


Difference between profile projector and digital microscope

Using a digital microscope allows you to replace your profile projector at a low cost

1.What is a profile projector?
Images projected using transmitted illumination are projected onto a large screen.
Measures the shadow of the object by the amount of movement of the attached stage.

-Profile projector-

The accuracy of the stage is the measurement accuracy.

2.Measurement principle of profile projector
Display cross lines etc. on the screen.

(1) Align one end face (starting point) of the object you want to measure with the cross line.

(2) Reset the stage to zero.
(3) Move the stage until the cross line is at the end point of measurement.
(4) The number on the micrometer at this time becomes the measured value.

3.Replacement with digital microscope
If you think of it as a tool to check the start and end points of measurement instead of a profile projector, it can be replaced.
However, since there is no eyepiece part, a function to display the cross line on the monitor is required to capture the start and end points.

The photo above shows a small stage with relatively little movement, but if you install a stage like the one in the photo below, you can measure even large objects.

4. Dimension measurement digital microscope (CT200 series)
Furthermore, we will introduce a digital microscope specialized for dimension measurement.

Digital microscopes have the following two advantages as long as they are on the same screen.
(1) Measurement by simply clicking on any point (no need to move the stage)
(2) Various measurements such as angle, area, distance between centers of circles, etc. are possible

This dimension measuring digital microscope also covers two disadvantages of digital microscopes.
(1) Adjustment (calibration) is required at the time of installation
→ This dimension measurement digital microscope has been adjusted (calibrated) before shipment from the factory.
(2) Changing the magnification requires switching the adjustment value (calibration value)
→ Since the lens and camera are communicating, no adjustment is required even if you change the magnification.
(3) Accuracy cannot be guaranteed.
→ A dedicated glass scale is available as an option that allows for the issuance of a calibration certificate.
Additionally, the calibration certificate for the glass scale used during factory adjustment can be downloaded from the website.

Of course, large measurement points that cannot fit on the same screen can be measured using the attached table in the same way as the profile projector.

5.Summary of the differences between projectors and digital microscopes
A profile projector that projects images projected using transmitted illumination onto a screen.
An alternative to a projection measuring device is
●Digital microscope + stage that can generate cross lines
●Measurement digital microscope
But that means it's possible.

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