Observation of metal structure


Observation of metal structure

When observing metal surfaces using a microscope, it is common to use a combination of an ultra-high magnification microscope and coaxial illumination.

However, when it comes to observing metals, there is a microscope specialized in this field called a metallurgical microscope, and there is also a method of attaching a camera to it for observation.
(The metallurgical microscope has a large body size of 203 x 255 x 421 (H) mm.)

When observing metal with
Ultra high magnification USB microscope NSH500CSU

When observing metal with
Metallurgical microscope GR3400J

Ultra high magnification USB microscope

Magnification is over 1000x
Achieved a long focal length of 35mm.

Metallurgical microscope GR3400J

USB3.0 camera for microscope

Comes with various filters
Starting with metallographic structure,
A wide range of observations is possible.

The appearance is slightly different between an ultra-high magnification microscope and a metallurgical microscope.
Even if the same coaxial lighting is used, the appearance will be different.

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