About connecting the stereo microscope camera


About connecting the stereo microscope camera

There are two main types of stereo microscope camera ports:
"JIS lens barrel" and "C-mount".
(Other types are also available for older types and those made overseas.)

JIS lens barrel
(Straight cylinder with inner diameter of 23.2mm)

(M25.4mm male screw)

If you want to connect to the mount part of a "C-mount" camera
There are two ways to install it.

1. Make the camera port on the stereo microscope side C-mount.
If the stereo microscope side is C-mount, it can be attached as is.
If the stereo microscope side is a JIS lens barrel, change the port on the stereo microscope side.
*Depending on the stereo microscope, it may not be possible to replace it.

- JIS lens barrel - to - C mount -

You can attach the camera as is.

- Stereo microscope camera attached to C-mount -
C-mount is a camera standard.
Due to the camera standard, a dedicated stereo microscope camera is not required.
The biggest advantage is that C-mount type general-purpose cameras can be connected as is. (Cannot be connected to the eyepiece.)

However, the field of view (magnification) changes depending on the size of the image sensor on the camera side.
Since the camera does not have a lens, the magnification cannot be adjusted on the camera side.
(This must be selected when purchasing the camera adapter for the stereo microscope.)
Below is a system diagram of a certain stereo microscope manufacturer.
There are types of C-mount part from 0.25X to 0.63X.
You need to purchase a C-mount part according to the number of inches of your C-mount camera.
Since they are all C-mount, they are in focus, but the field of view becomes narrower and vignetting (shadows at the four corners of the image) occurs.

2. Make C-mount cameras compatible with JIS lens barrels.

By attaching a JIS lens barrel conversion lens to the camera, it can be attached to the JIS lens barrel of a stereo microscope.

- Stereo microscope camera attached to JIS lens barrel -
A lens is attached to the tip of the camera to connect it to a stereo microscope.
By replacing this lens, you can change the field of view (magnification).

The biggest advantage of this camera is that it can also be connected to the eyepiece.

You can also connect it to a C-mount by removing the lens at the tip.

3. Notes regarding field of view
Camera internal sensors (CMOS and CCD) come in various sizes.
Originally, it would be necessary to change the magnification of the lens to match the number of inches.
If it is 1/2 inch, choose approximately X0.5.

*Please contact us for other inch sizes.

We have "JIS barrel type" and "C-mount type" stereo microscope cameras.

For more information, please see the product page below.
USB3.0 camera for stereo microscope
(5 million pixels)

C-mount USB camera for stereo microscope

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