Metallurgical Microscope (Ultra High Magnification Microscope)



Professional specification metallurgical microscope at low price!

●Ideal for observing metals
●Using a wide-field eyepiece enables high-quality, wide-field observation.
●Coaxial EPI-Lighting that allows polarized observation
●A general-purpose microscope camera can be used.

Model NoGR3400J
Total Magnification50x,100x,200x,400x,600x
Eyepiece Lens10x (Field Of View 18mm)
Objective LensPlan Achromat Objective Lens (Without Cover Glass)
Focus AdjustmentCoaxial Coarse/Fine Movement Method
(Tension Adjustment Mechanism, Limit Stopper, Minimum Scale 0.002mm)
Lens Revolver5 Holes Reverse revolver
Eye Width Adjustment Range53~75mm
Lens Barrel TypeTrinocular Head
Polarization Observation DevicePolarizer, Analyzer
FilterYellow, Blue, Green, Frosted glass
StageMechanical stage 140x180mm
Movement range: 75x50mm
Lighting6V 20W Halogen Lamp (with Dimming Mechanism)
Power SupplyAC220V 50/60Hz
Body Size203x255x421(H)mm

A metallurgical microscope (ultra high magnification microscope) is generally considered to be a microscope suitable for observing metal surfaces.
Shodensha's metallurgical microscope GR3400J uses a plan achromat objective lens and wide-field eyepiece to enable high-quality, wide-field observation.
It can be used not only for metal surface observation, but also for a wide range of applications such as mineralogy, precision machinery industry, chemical industry, production sites, and quality assurance.
・Coaxial EPI-Lighting for polarized observation
・A microscope camera compatible with JIS standards can be attached.
*Since it is an upright type, both sides of the sample need to be polished.
*Sample size: up to 20mm thick.

Surface of a 10 yen coin observed with GR3400J

Image observed at 200x magnification using metallurgical microscope GR3400J

Image of graphite spheroidization rate observed with GR3400J

Image of grain size observed with GR3400J

Image of DAS (Dendrite Arm Spacing) observed with GR3400J

Easy-to-use mechanical section

Coarse and fine focus adjustment

Wide mechanical stage

Rotating filter


JIS adapter

You can attach our optional camera or a commercially available JIS standard compatible microscope camera.
(*Camera and computer are not included.)

Example of installing a microscope camera *The camera is optional.

Install JIS adapter

Attaching a microscope camera to a JIS adapter

Attach a USB camera for a microscope and observe on a computer
*Camera and computer are not included.
Please use the optional camera below or a commercially available JIS standard compatible microscope camera.

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