What is C-mount and CS-mount?


What is C-mount and CS-mount?

What is C-mount?
C-mount is a screw mount that uses screws to secure the camera and lens.

C-mount standard
The C-mount standard is 25.4mm (1 inch) inner diameter, 0.794mm thread pitch, and 17.526mm flange back.

CS-mount standard
As cameras become smaller, there is also a CS-mount, which has only the flange back of the C-mount standard shortened by 5mm.
(Bore diameter and thread pitch are the same.)

Camera that can be used with C-mount or CS-mount
Some cameras have a structure that allows them to be fitted with a 5mm thick ring that can be removed as necessary to accommodate both C-mount and CS-mount.
Therefore, a CS -ount camera becomes a C-mount camera by inserting a 5mm thick close-up ring.

Lenses can be attached to both the C-mount and CS-mount as they have the same diameter and the same thread pitch.
However, please note that the lens will not be able to achieve its full performance.
(Symptoms such as "out of focus," "focal length fluctuates even though it is a zoom lens (*1)," and "magnification changes," etc.)
(*1) Please refer to "What is a macro lens/macro zoom lens?"

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