How to use a stereo microscope


How to use a stereo microscope

Please see below for details on the stereo microscope.
Difference between digital microscope and stereo microscope

Here we will introduce stands and arms for making use of stereo microscopes.
Stereo microscope stands generally have the following shape.

Unlike biological microscopes and metallurgical microscopes, the head can be removed.
One of the characteristics of stereo microscopes is that they can be arranged in various ways to suit the site.

1. Wide stand
The wide base makes it convenient for observing large objects with no irregularities.

2. Arm type stand
Use by fixing the arm to the edge of the desk. You can use your desk more widely.
It can be fixed to a cart and used for mold observation, etc., which cannot be carried into the office.
It is also suitable for working with objects held in both hands. It is often used by dental technicians and metal engravers.

Zoom Type Stereo Microscope(With Coarse Movement Angle Type Smooth Arm)
Smooth Arm (Coarse focus control type)

3. Weight load stand
You can use your desk more widely. Unlike the arm above, it is heavier but more compact.
It is also possible to move.

4. Custom stand
We also manufacture custom stands.
The following is a device that can be fixed to a surface plate with a magnet.

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