Zoom Type Stereo Microscope(With Coarse Movement Angle Type Smooth Arm)



Can you do this much at this amazing price?
Comes with a zoom microscope without the troublesome lock.

●No troublesome locks! Improve work efficiency with smooth operation
●Stereomicroscope with arm that can freely move vertically, horizontally, and angularly
●Working distance: 97mm
●Eyepiece lens supports high eye point
●7x to 30x zoom lens
●Coarse angle stroke: 67mm
*Lighting is optional.


Magnification7X - 30X
Eyepiece Lens10X(High Eye Point)
Objective Lens0.7X - 3X
Working Distance97mm
Field Number20
Lens Barrel TypeBinocular Head/Tilt Angle 45°
Eye Width Adjustment Range52mm - 75mm
Height (stored)560mm
Load Capacity
*Mechanically Necessary Weight
1kg - 4kg

The smooth arm has a more convenient coarse movement angle!

Convenient when placing an object on a desk and needing fine focus adjustment.
A coarse movement angle (vertical movement handle) is attached.
Stroke: 67mm

No troublesome locks, smooth operation improves work efficiency!

Conventional microscope arms have locks on each joint.
had to tighten this lock every time set it in any position.

This model does not have locks on each joint.
When you release your hand at any position, the arm will stop at that position.
Smooth operation greatly improves work efficiency.

U.S. patent obtained!

No lock on AFN-405W
However, due to mechanical balance, it can come to rest at any position in space. (U.S. patent acquired)
Hold the horizontal short arm part (arrow part) in your hand and change the angle.

Grows smoothly
stops suddenly
Turn around
Quick storage
Comfortable operation is possible!
It can dynamically stand still in any position.

Smooth arm that can be freely rotated up and down, left and right, and at any angle.

90° upwards from horizontal;
30° downward from horizontal,
It is possible to move the microscope head.

Each joint rotates.

The arm can be moved from a 90° position to 25°.

Attaches to the edge of the workbench

Attach to the edge of the workbench with a clamp (vise). (Clamp is standard equipment)
Maximum tightening width: 65mm

The smooth arm has a coarse movement angle!

A coarse movement angle has been added to make the popular smooth arm even more convenient.
This is convenient for placing an object on your desk, focusing on it, and working on it.

Smooth arm operation video

Usage example attached to a cart

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