Features of Borescope (Rigid Scope)


Features of Borescope (Rigid Scope)

■About field of view
The viewing angle is determined by the viewing angle listed in the catalog.
However, even if the field of view is the same, it becomes narrower as the diameter becomes smaller as shown below.

When comparing φ0.7 and φ2.7, the viewing angles are almost the same.
(φ0.7 is 70°, φ2.7 is 75°.)

If this is φ0.7

φ2.7 has this diameter.

■About resolution
There are two types of borescopes: rod lens type and fiber type.
In our case, the rod lens type is φ2.7mm or more.
Anything thinner than this is considered a fiber.
Fiber type lenses have lower resolution than rod lenses.
When comparing fibers, the smaller the diameter, the lower the resolution.

Observe the M4 screw hole

φ2.7mm rod lens

φ1.6mm fiber
Due to the structure in which the fibers are bundled, lines with a honeycomb structure of fibers are generated.
In our case, we reduce the contrast a little to erase those lines.

φ0.7mm fiber

Even if you feel that the image from an endoscope with a built-in camera at the end of the cable is grainy, the clarity will be improved by using a borescope + high-sensitivity/wide dynamic range video camera.
Additionally, camera features can reduce overexposure and shadows.
(The resolution remains the same, but the sensor size increases and the brightness and clarity increase.)

The borescope system is introduced on the Shodensha product website.
Please take a look.

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