Basic adjustment of stereo microscope


Basic adjustment of stereo microscope

By making basic adjustments, you can reduce eye fatigue and increase work efficiency.

First, determine proper eye position.
This position of the eyes is called the eye point.
In the old days, microscopes were held so close that the eyelashes touched the eyepiece. Nowadays, there are various high eye point types that allow observation while wearing glasses.

If the following mark is on the eyepiece, it is a high eye point type.

Here's an easy way to find out the eye points.
Place the copy paper on the eyepiece area.
If you change the distance of the copy paper from the eyepiece lens, it will change as shown in the photo below.
The most focused point becomes the eye point.

in focus

out of focus
Place your eyes in the correct position (eyepoint) and make adjustments.

1. Visual distance adjustment (Align the width of the eyepiece and the eye.)
When looking through a binocular microscope, the trick is to look far away.
Look through the eyepieces and adjust the width of both eyepieces as if you are looking into the distance.

Look through the eyepieces with both eyes, and the adjustment is complete when your field of vision becomes one clean circle.

2. Diopter adjustment
Turn the diopter adjustment ring until both eyes are in focus.

(monocular diopter adjustment type)

(Binocular diopter adjustment type)

3. Zoom adjustment
(1) Turn the zoom dial to the minimum magnification and focus.
(2) Next, turn the zoom dial to maximize magnification and focus.
(3) Return to low magnification again. If the focus is on the low magnification side, the adjustment is complete.

Out of focus
For monocular diopter adjustment type, repeat steps (1) and (2).
If it is a binocular diopter adjustment type, turn the diopter adjustment ring in step (3) until both eyes are in focus.
Then repeat operations (1) to (3).

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