How to measure the surface of large objects or cylindrical objects


How to measure the surface of large objects or cylindrical objects

Introducing how to use a measurement microscope.
It is common to use calipers etc., but if you want to obtain even more precision and evidence (photographs), you can use a measuring microscope.

■What is a measurement microscope?
Normal microscopes require calibration (adjustment) when measuring dimensions.
Also, recalibration is required every time you change conditions such as changing the magnification of the lens.

The measurement microscope camera and lens are communicating.
The camera senses the lens magnification and automatically calibrates (adjusts) it.

Therefore, there is no need for adjustment by the customer, and highly accurate measurements can be made immediately on site.

Normally, this is a feature only found in high-end microscopes, and in the case of high-end models, the microscope becomes larger and the price increases significantly.
The measurement microscope introduced here has all functions built into the camera, making it more compact.
The price is also about 1/10 of that of a high-end machine.

■Measure large objects and cylindrical objects
There is a type of this measuring microscope with a small stand for on-site measurements attached.

It's lightweight enough to be carried with one hand and doesn't require a PC.
It can be brought to the site immediately.
There is no loss of accuracy due to movement.

Large objects that cannot be mounted on the stand can be measured by simply placing them on the stand as shown below.

Additionally, the surface of a cylindrical object can be measured as shown in the photo below.

■Supplementary information
You don't even need a PC, so using a battery-powered monitor will make the combination even easier to use.

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