Weld Penetration Measurement Set



Efficient dimensional measurement of weld penetration amount!
A set that includes a full-fledged microscope and software with full measurement functions.

A set that includes "a full-scale microscope" with "a 0.5x auxiliary lens" and "measurement software".

-Measurement software-
●Reference line can be created with one click
●A wide variety of measurement items
●Accurate measurement with edge automatic fit function
●Easy report creation with one click for Excel output
*Notebook PC not included.

Full of useful functions when measuring dimensions!
Features of measurement software "MFShip"
"MFShip" has a wide range of measurement assisting functions, and can efficiently measure the amount of weld penetration, which can be a time-consuming process.
-Dimension measurement using MFShip-

・Occurrence of cross lines
Click anywhere with the mouse to generate a cross line on the screen.
If it is misaligned, you can easily change the line position by clicking again.

*You can also change the color and line width!

・Abundant measurement items
There are a variety of measurement items, and it can be used not only for actual measurements but also as a reference line.
If you want to use it as a reference line, you can turn off the measurement value display.
You can also change the display color of each measurement line and numerical value.

-Measurement function (example)-
・Distance between two points
・Distance between parallel lines
・Distance between horizontal parallel lines
・Distance between vertical parallel lines
・Vertical distance
・Distance between circle centers
・Point coordinates
・3-point specified angle
・4-point specified angle
・3 points designated circle
・Approximate circle
・Approximate straight line
・3 points designated circle

Other useful features
・Edge automatic fit function
When you move the mouse cursor close to the line you want to measure, it will automatically fit to the edge.
Therefore, human error by the measurer is reduced and accurate measurements are possible!

・Pinpoint digital zoom function
By turning the mouse wheel, you can digitally zoom in and out around the point indicated by the mouse cursor.
You can zoom with intuitive operation, which is a very convenient function.

・Scale display
You can display the scale at any size and location.

・One-click report function
It is possible to transfer measurement data to Excel with one click.
Raw images, measured values/images with lines, and measured values are exported to Excel in one go, which shortens the time it takes to create reports and is an extremely convenient function.

Other features
The microscope is a full-fledged model equipped with a zoom lens
Equipped with a 6x optical zoom lens for a total magnification of 25x to 140x
*If you use the included 0.5x auxiliary lens, the total magnification is 12x to 70x

Set Content
USB3.0 microscope

0.5x auxiliary lens
(for TG series microscope/SDS-M)

High-performance image processing measurement software

USB3.0 microscope TG500CS specifications

Total Magnification25x-140x *Magnification is calculated value based on 17-inch
Working Distance90mm
Field Of View15.5mmx12.0mm (at 25x)
2.7mmx2.0mm (at 140x)
Image Sensor1/2.5”CMOS
Number Of Pixels5 million pixels
Pixel Size2.2μmX2.2μm
(Frame Rate*)
*Actual frame rate varies depending on computer performance and settings.

USB3.0 microscope TG500CS operating environment

Compatible OSWindows 10(64bit), 11
CPUIntel core i5 or higher
RAM8GB or more

TG500CS with 0.5x auxiliary lens attached

Working Distance160mm
Field Of View160mm 32.0mmx24.0mm (at 12x magnification)
5.4mmx4.0mm (at 70x)

High-performance image processing measurement software MFShip operating environment

Compatible OSWindows 10(64bit), 11
CPUCore-i3 equivalent or 2.0GHz or higher
RAM8GB or more (64bit)
DisplayFull color 1280 x 1024 or higher
InterfaceUSB2.0 or higher 1 port

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Tel: 02-664-2246
office hours : Monday - Friday 8.30 - 17.30 น.

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