Low Price 1.3M Pixel High Speed Camera (Color/Monochrome)



1.3 M pixel type that can be used in various situations
Available at low price

●Make high-speed cameras more convenient! Two softwares are included as standard!
●High-speed camera at low price
●200 fps (frames/second) at a resolution of 1280 x 1024 effective pixels, and a maximum speed of 2300 fps (frames/second) at a resolution of 224 x 224
●Wide selection of resolutions and number of frames
●A separate lens is required.


Difference in appearance at maximum resolution of 1280 x 1024 at 200fps and
at 2300 frames per second at resolution 224 x 224

Make high-speed cameras more convenient! Two software included as standard

Observe what you want to see instantly in slow motion

High-speed phenomena and operations can be viewed instantly without the need for troublesome recording and file playback operations!
If you have ever used a high-speed camera, you must have experienced the difficulty of seeing what you want to see instantly in slow motion.
You can't watch what you want to see in slow motion without going through the trouble of recording, playing the file, and searching for the part you want to see.
REAL Slow allows you to see high-speed phenomena and actions in slow motion by pointing the camera at it.
You can also save still images and short videos.

Reliably record sudden events that are difficult to catch!

Like a drive recorder, you can record and check before and after the trigger is activated!

●You can record images before and after the trigger signal.
●You can also record endlessly by disabling the trigger input.

*Since it takes time to copy videos saved in memory to HDD or SSD, continuous recording is not possible. If you want to record continuously, please consider a long-term recording recorder (optional software).

System Requirements

Supported Operating SystemWindows 10 Pro 64bit・Windows 11 Pro
CPUIntel core i9, i7 9th generation or higher
(However, maximum clock 2.3GHz or higher, AVX extension instructions required)
RAM16GB or more, 32GB or more recommended

*Avoid thin, lightweight or ultra-power-saving notebook PCs, as they are likely to cause various problems such as the USB power supply decreasing or cutting out after long periods of use.

Resolutions that can be selected depending on the number of shooting frames*

Shooting SpeedResolution
200fps(frames/second)1280 x 1024
250fps(frames/second)1024 x 1024
300fps(frames/second)944 x 944
400fps(frames/second)800 x 800
500fps(frames/second)720 x 720
800fps(frames/second)640 x 470
1000fps(frames/second)560 x 400
1200fps(frames/second)400 x 400
1500fps(frames/second)368 x 368
1600fps(frames/second)352 x 352
2000fps(frames/second)272 x 272
2300fps(frames/second)224 x 224

*Cut around the center.

High-speed camera is super compact!

The high-speed camera is super compact at 29x29x42.6mm!
It can be used in a space-saving manner.

There are 3 ways to fix it

The standard product has four M2x4 holes.
You can use this hole to fix it in place.
Compatible screw size is 4-M2

The standard product also has four M3x3 holes.
You can also use this hole to fix it in place.
Compatible screw size is 3-M3

If you attach a tripod adapter, it can also be used with a tripod hole.
Compatible screw size is 1/4-20UNC

●High-speed camera body
●USB cable (2m)
●Slow motion observation software REAL Slow
●Trigger recording software Speed Capture
●Trigger cable


Camera TypeColor/Monochrome
Imaging Sensor1/2″ CMOS 1.3M Pixel 
ON Semiconductor
Pixel Size(μm)4.8 × 4.8
Maximum Resolution1280 x 1024
Video Record FormatAVI
Snapshot Record FormatBMP、JPEG
Dynamic Range>60 dB
S/N Ratio>40 dB
Shutter SpeedMaximum 1/10000(100μsec)
Power Supply MethodUSB Bus Power
Weight(Camera Head only)Approximately 63g
Maximum Power Consumption3.0W at DC5V
Size29x29x42.6mm(excluding protrusions)
Camera MountC Mount
Temperature Environment
(Ambient Temperature)
Operating 0~50° Storage -30~70°
CertificationCE, FCC, RoHS, KC

CHU30-B-RS 800fps Shutter speed 1/20000 a belt moving at 30m/min with a 30x40 field of view

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