Low price LED Microscope Ring Light


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Double array of LEDs increases light intensity at this price
Compatible with 100-240V and can be used overseas.

●Separate control box type. Convenient because it can be dimmed at hand.
●Diffusion plate is standard equipment
●Double array of 56 LED lights increases light intensity
●Can be attached to digital microscopes, stereo microscopes, etc.
●The body is a sturdy metal case. Good heat dissipation efficiency

Application Example

It can be attached to a stereo microscope that has a groove cut in the skirt of the objective lens.
Stereo microscopes without grooves can be used with convenient options.

Use with digital microscope

Use with macro lens *In conjunction with optional LED angle


LED56 white lights (lighting part)
Color Temperature6000 - 7000k (lighting part)
LifespanApproximately 30000 hours (lighting part)
*Life span varies depending on the operating environment temperature
Illuminance40000lX or more (at 50mm) (lighting part)
Mounting Diameterφ30mm - φ60mm (lighting part)
Maximum Power Consumption17 VA or less
Rated Input Voltage100 - 240V
Rated Input Frequency50/60Hz
Output Adjustment9.5V - 13.5V
Controller Cord LengthLED - Controller: 1.0m
AC adapter: 1.7m
Lighting Part External Dimensions/Weightφ94 x 31mm 200g
Controller External Dimensions/WeightW87 x D50 x H46mm 125g

Separate control box. Convenient because it can be dimmed at hand.

Dimmable with control box separate from LED body

Diffuser plate is standard equipment

Equipped with a diffuser plate as standard on the front of the LED.
(The diffuser plate cannot be removed)

Double array of LEDs

Double array of 56 LEDs increases light intensity

About the installable size

If all 3 screws are loosened,
Can be attached to GR10-N lenses with an inner diameter of up to φ60mm.

If the 3-point screw is tightened,
Can be attached to lenses with a diameter of φ30mm or more.


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