Low price LED Microscope Ring Light


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Double array of LEDs increases light intensity at this price
Compatible with 100-240V and can be used overseas.

●Separate control box type. Convenient because it can be dimmed at hand.
●Diffusion plate is standard equipment
●Double array of 56 LED lights increases light intensity
●Can be attached to digital microscopes, stereo microscopes, etc.
●The body is a sturdy metal case. Good heat dissipation efficiency

Application Example

It can be attached to a stereo microscope that has a groove cut in the skirt of the objective lens.
Stereo microscopes without grooves can be used with convenient options.

Use with digital microscope

Use with macro lens *In conjunction with optional LED angle


56 white lights (lighting part)
Color Temperature
6000 - 7000k (lighting part)
Approximately 30000 hours (lighting part)
*Life span varies depending on the operating environment temperature
40000lX or more (at 50mm) (lighting part)
Mounting Diameter
φ30mm - φ60mm (lighting part)
Maximum Power Consumption
17 VA or less
Rated Input Voltage
100 - 240V
Rated Input Frequency
Output Adjustment
9.5V - 13.5V
Controller Cord Length
LED - Controller: 1.0m
AC adapter: 1.7m
Lighting Part External Dimensions/Weightφ94 x 31mm 200g
Controller External Dimensions/WeightW87 x D50 x H46mm 125g

Separate control box. Convenient because it can be dimmed at hand.

Dimmable with control box separate from LED body

Diffuser plate is standard equipment

Equipped with a diffuser plate as standard on the front of the LED.
(The diffuser plate cannot be removed)

Double array of LEDs

Double array of 56 LEDs increases light intensity

|About the installable size

If all 3 screws are loosened,
Can be attached to GR10-N lenses with an inner diameter of up to φ60mm.

If the 3-point screw is tightened,
Can be attached to lenses with a diameter of φ30mm or more.

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