Low Price Camera Stand


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●Used by attaching a support to the short side
●Flat and wide stand (A4 size compatible)
●Can be changed to various easy-to-use stands depending on the purpose
●Various XY tables can also be installed.

・Stand size: 380mm x 250mm x 350(H)mm
・Strut diameter: 25mm
・Load capacity: 2kg
・The flat and wide base is compatible with A4 size.

Example of use with industrial cameras
Useful when observing large objects with industrial cameras.

Example of use with borescope
This is useful when observing holes from above.

Example of use with digital camera
It can be used not only as a camera stand for securing industrial cameras, but also as a photography stand for digital cameras.
It has a sturdy structure that can be used to secure not only compact digital cameras but also single-lens reflex cameras.
Ideal for product photography, etc.

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