High Function All-In-One Microscope



You can do this much even without a PC!
High-performance integrated microscope

Calibration, setting errors, reproducibility...
Solve all your measurement worries at once!

● Built-in calibration data
● Calibration values ​​automatically switch when magnification is changed
● Equipped with "precise measurement" for reproducibility
● Comes with 8-division ring lighting
● Rich in functions such as multi-function measurement, Excel output of measurement data, line display function, etc.

Magnification is 25 to 145 times
* Calculated value converted to 21.5-inch monitor
* Monitor not included.

This is amazing! Major features of this model

I don't want to put a PC on-site...
But I want to measure and do focus stacking...

This model is perfect for you!

You can do this even without a PC!
1. With focus stacking function
2. With scratch highlighting function
3. Built-in calibration data!
4. Calibration values ​​automatically switch when magnification is changed!
5. "Precise measurement" function greatly reduces measurement time and measurement error!

1. With focus stacking function
Focus stacking is possible even without a computer!

2. With scratch highlighting function
The highlighting function makes it easy to see scratches and defects that are difficult to see!

3. Built-in calibration data!
The camera has built-in calibration data for each magnification.
There is no need to calibrate, just connect it to the monitor when it arrives and you can start measuring right away.

4. The calibration value automatically switches when you change the magnification!
Just like a high-end microscope, the camera and lens are integrated!
Therefore, the calibration data automatically switches just by changing the magnification of the lens.
You can perform measurements without worrying about forgetting to set them or making mistakes!

5. "Precise measurement" function that greatly reduces measurement time and measurement errors!
Automatically detects edges, and when you click the mouse, it will "perfectly" match the edge.
Measurements can be performed without having to accurately align the mouse with the measurement part, which shortens measurement time.
Measurement errors caused by the person making the measurements are also greatly reduced, allowing for reproducible measurements.

Other functions
Abundant measurement functions

[Measurement items]
・Distance between two points
・Distance between parallel lines
・Angle specified by four points
・Arc specified by three points
・Circle specified by three points
・Concentric circle
・Distance between circle centers

Image storage

USB memory throttle included!
Still images can be saved to the included USB memory.
(JPEG/BMP format can be selected for image saving)
*Note: Please use a USB memory of 32GB or less.

Set with 8-section ring light

Includes 8-section ring light!
Includes 8-section ring light, which can be used according to the object.

No PC required! Just connect to monitor
Connect to full HD monitor with included HDMI cable and you're ready to go.


Total Magnification20x - 145x *Magnification is calculated value based on 21.5 inch monitor
Field Of View21.3mm x 12mm (at 20x)
3.2mm x 1.8mm (at 145x)
Working Distance60mm
Image Sensor1/2”CMOS
Number Of Pixels2 million pixels
Resolution1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
Recoding MediaUSB flash drive (maximum 32GB)
Recording file formatStill image: JPEG / BMP
Frame Rate60fps

About calibration data
We create calibration data using a glass scale with a calibration certificate.

The microscope comes with an inspection certificate.
(The image below is an example of accuracy.)

Contact to inquire about the product.
Tel: 02-664-2246,th
office hours : Monday - Friday 8.30 - 17.30 น.

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