Digital Loupe



Q: Is a zoom function necessary for inspection?

A: A fixed magnification is fine because the same object will be viewed continuously
A: I want it at a low price
A: I want a longer working distance
A: I want equipment that takes up as little space as possible

Surprisingly, zoom functions are not necessary in the field, and a fixed magnification is fine.

That's why we can help you!                                                 
(Guideline: magnification 2-50x, working distance  80mm-300mm) *Higher magnification also possible (consultation required)                                                          
Our technical staff will create a custom-made digital loupe for you.                                                                           
Free production fee, free demo unit, please feel free to contact us!                                                                                 

Flow of request from inquiry

STEP 1 (Email or phone consultation)
Please let us know the magnification, working distance, and any other requests you may have.

STEP 2 (Selection, Report)
We will select within 1-2 days and inform you of the cost estimate by email or phone.

STEP 3 (Free demo unit trial)
You can try the selected demo unit free of charge.
If you have any additional requests during the demo period, please let us know.
We can also trial additional demo units.

STEP 4 (Introducing custom-made digital loupes)
We will provide you with a digital loupe with the capabilities you desire.
The delivery time is generally about one week.
Please use it on-site.

Useful in the following situations!
For multiple inspections at the same magnification
(Reproduces the desire for PC-less and simple operation)

For large objects
(Uses a large-diameter LED ring light that illuminates a wide area)

Ensures a distance that allows you to work in a space-saving manner
(Longer working distance makes it easier to work)


Contact to inquire about the product.
Tel: 02-664-2246

office hours : Monday - Friday 8.30 - 17.30 น.

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