4.0mm Borescope Series


Low price borescope (φ4.0mm)



Low price borescope! Enables observation of narrow gaps

●Enables non-destructive visual inspection of the inside of narrow parts that cannot be directly reached by the human eye.
●Compatible with various types of lighting such as M10 P=0.5 and M8 P=0.5
●Viewing direction: 0° (direct view), 30° (side view), 70° (side view), 90° (side view *175mm type only)

Various methods can be used to non-destructively inspect small areas.
1.Visual inspection using a borescope

2.Connect a general-purpose C-mount camera or your own C-mount camera to a borescope for inspection.

3.Inspection using a handy camera system dedicated to borescopes

4.Fix the camera and use it as a microscope for observation

Observation example

You can choose the viewing direction according to your application.

Two sizes of light source connections are available.

Light source connection part is M10 P=0.5,
Compatible with 2 sizes: M8 P=0.5.

Model NumberDirection Of ViewTubeViewing AngleWorking DistanceTube Outer Diameter
BAL-04180°(Direct View)175mm60°3mm~φ4.0mm
BAL-341830°(Side View)175mm60°3mm~φ4.0mm
BAL-741870°(Side View)175mm60°3mm~φ4.0mm
BAL-941890°(Side View)175mm50°3mm~φ4.0mm
BAS-04090°(Direct View)90mm60°3mm~φ4.0mm
BAS-340930°(Side View)90mm60°3mm~φ4.0mm
BAS-740970°(Side View)90mm55°3mm~φ4.0mm

*If a camera is connected, the closest distance will be slightly longer.

Usage Environment

Operating Temperature Limit-15~65℃
WaterproofInsertion tube is waterproof
Parts other than the above are drip-proof (*)
*Adhesion of gasoline, machine oil, and 5% salt water is allowed.

Exterior Dimensions

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