Long distance USB microscope (fixed edge type)



Amazing long range!
Observation at a long working distance of 400mm to 200mm is possible.

● Simple measurement software that can measure the distance between two points is standard equipment
● We have abundant software such as measurement, focus stacking, and image connection software.
*Lighting is optional.


Observation from a long distance is possible

View from each working distance

When the working distance is 400mm

Maximum field of view (minimum magnification)

Minimum field of view (maximum magnification)

When the working distance is 300mm

Maximum field of view (minimum magnification)

Minimum field of view (maximum magnification)

When the working distance is 200mm

Maximum field of view (minimum magnification)

Minimum field of view (maximum magnification)


・Observe a field of view of 12.0mmx9.0mm from a distance of 400mm.

・ Observation from an angle is also possible.(Fixed edge type only)

Depth of focus can be adjusted by using a lens with an aperture

Closing down the aperture increases the depth of focus.

when the lens is opened

When the lens is stopped down



Field-Of-ViewWhen working distance is 400mm, magnification:3X - 30X
113.0mm X 85.0mm(at 3X), 12.0mm X 9.0mm(at 30X)
When working distance is 300mm, magnification:4X - 40X
81.0mm X 61.0mm(at 4X), 8.1mm X 6.1mm(at 40X)
When working distance is 200mm, magnification:6x - 60X
52.5mm x 39.5mm(at 6X), 5.2mm x 3.9mm(at 60X)
Image Sensor1/2.5”CMOS 
Number of Pixels5.0 Mega pixel
Pixel Size2.2μm X 2.2μm
(Frame Rate*)
*Actual frame rate may vary depending on
PC performance and setting environment.


System Requirements

Supported Operating SystemWindows 10, 11
CPUIntel core i5 or above
RAM8GB or more



5.0 MP USB3.0 Camera

Lens(with X2 extender)

Edge fixed stand with 3D arm

Extension kit

Protective cover

Viewer Software



Various layouts are possible because the object can be viewed without obstructing the observation field of view.
It can be used for a wide range of purposes such as inspection, product inspection, and observation of large objects.
USB3.0 connection
Amazing long range working distance of 400mm to 200mm
*The lens has no scale and no latch function, so it is not suitable for measuring dimensions by changing the magnification. (There is no problem with measurements with fixed magnification.)

Introduction of Viewer software

Functions of the standard simple measurement software
Saving still images
Distance measurement between two points
scale display
Crossline/gridline display
Fit-in function, digital zoom function
Supported OS: Windows 10 or later
* The standard accessory software is a functionally limited version.
If you need a measurement other than the distance between two points or a focus combination function
Please purchase the optional measurement software.
*The glass scale for calibration is an option.


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