Variable Magnification Camera Adapter Lens



Camera adapter for connecting a C-mount camera to a borescope

●Camera adapter for connecting C-mount cameras to borescopes, fiberscopes, and industrial endoscopes
●Enlargement and focus adjustment possible with adapter lens(distance from subject is from infinity to 3mm)
●Resolution is higher than previous model
●Can be connected to 28mm to 32mm eyepieces

What does it look like when using the variable magnification camera adapter lens BA-A1835?

What's great about the variable magnification camera adapter lens BA-A1835!

If you want to monitor and observe 70℃ and 90℃ side views using a camera on a borescope,
If the hole diameter is narrow, it may be difficult to focus.
In this case, it would be best to make the outer diameter of the borescope smaller, but there is a limit to the diameter.
Therefore, the variable magnification camera adapter lens BA-A1835 is useful in such cases. ​

The variable magnification camera adapter lens BA-A1835 has a focus adjustment mechanism.
By adjusting this focus adjustment mechanism, you can obtain clear, focused images.
The magnification can also be varied, allowing full-field observation and magnified observation.
Furthermore, the resolution has been improved compared to the conventional BA-A35, so you can observe more clearly.

Usage Example

Camera adapter lens to C mount camera
Installation, there borescope, industrial endoscope,
Attach the fiberscope.

By rotating each part
You can enlarge and adjust the focus.

Observation Image Example

<When focal length is 18mm>

<When focal length is 35mm>

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