Low Price FHD Microscope



Comes with LED ring lighting!
If you are particular about price!

●Super low price
●LED ring lighting standard equipment!
●Small and compact microscope
●You can observe by simply connecting it to the HDMI input terminal of your computer monitor.
*Monitor not included.

The biggest feature of this model
1. Full HD microscope at an amazingly low price!
2. With arbitrary line generation function

With arbitrary line generation function

Arbitrary line display
You can display/hide arbitrary lines up to 32 vertically and 32 horizontally.

・The color of the line can be changed.
・Freely set display/hide.
・ Easy setting of line position.

Cross lines can be displayed/hidden.
(Both white line/black line can be displayed)

Other features
Still images and videos can be saved

Comes with USB memory throttle!
You can save still images and videos to the included USB memory.
(Still images: JPEG format/BMP format/PNG format Video: MP4 format/H.264 format/H.265 format)
*Note: Please use a USB memory with a capacity of 32GB or less.

Easy setup! Easy operation!

Can be used by directly connecting a wide monitor with a high-definition port or a high-definition TV monitor.
*We recommend a PC monitor with a high-definition terminal or an industrial monitor.
(Home TV monitors are compatible and may not be displayed.)
We have a demo machine available, so please check it out. Please contact technical support for further details.

Observation image(10 yen coin)

At 30x

At 60x


Magnification30X - 60X
*Magnification is a calculated value converted to a 17-inch monitor.
Working Distance80mm(at 30x) - 55mm(at 60x)
Field Of View11.5mm X 6.7mm(at 30X)
5.6mm X 3.2mm(at 60X)
Imaging Sensor1/3”CMOS
Number of pixels2.0 Mega Pixel
Pixel Size2.75μm X 2.75μm
Resolution1920 X 1080(FHD)
Recording MediaUSB flash drive(Maximum capacity 32GB)
Recording File FormatStill image:JPEG/BMP/PNG, Video:MP4/H.264/H.265 
Frame Rate60 fps


・FHD Camera
・AC Adapter 
・USB flash drive(8GB)
・HDMI Cable

40 LED Ring Light

Variable Focus Lens

Small Size Stand

Protective Cover 

Main features

Ultra-compact and ultra-low-priced full high-definition monitor observation microscope!
Compact size allows observation even in narrow spaces!
Continuously variable magnification from 30x to 60x


Contact to inquire about the product.
Tel: 02-664-2246

office hours : Monday - Friday 8.30 - 17.30 น.

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