4K Microscope



"4 times" high definition of full high definition
Images equivalent to high-end microscopes at this price!

●Equipped with high-resolution 4K lens
●Equipped with a multi-function 4K camera
●Magnification 26x - 260x
(* Magnification is a calculated value converted to a 17-inch monitor)
●With digital zoom function
Even with digital zoom (X2) Full HD resolution
●Still images and videos can be saved and played back
(32GB SD card included)
*4K monitor is not included.

Descriptive power of high-resolution 4K lens

The points circled in red on the glass scale were compared.

Conventional lens

High resolution 4K lens

Magnification/Field Of View

Minimum Magnification 26X (FOV 16.0mm X 9.0mm)

Maximum Magnification 260X (FOV 1.6mm X 0.9mm)


Arbitrary line can be displayed

It is possible to display arbitrary lines of 10 vertical and 10 horizontal lines.
Line color can be changed.


With abundant measurement functions

Calibration and measurement can be performed without a PC.
*A calibration glass scale is required for calibration.

・4-point angle
・Perpendicular line with 3 points specified
・Two-point area measurement (vertical, horizontal, perimeter, area)
・Oval area measurement (vertical, horizontal, perimeter, area)
・Two-point circle measurement (diameter, perimeter, area)
・Distance between two circles



Magnification 26X - 260X 
*Magnification is a calculated value converted to a 17-inch monitor
Working Distance100mm
Field Of View15.0mm X 8.4mm(26X)
1.5mm X 0.8mm(260X)
Imaging Sensor1/1.8”CMOS
Resolution8.0M pixel(4K)
Pixel Size2.0μm X 2.0μm
Frame Rate50fps
Other functionsLine display function, measurement function,
still/video save/playback, digital zoom


4K camera dedicated to 4K microscope

Dedicated LED ring lighting

High resolution 4K zoom lens


Protective Cover 



HDMI connection
Equipped with a 10x optical zoom lens for a total magnification of 26x-260x
Zoom lens with latch function that locks each scale (suitable for measurement because it eliminates operator error)


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