USB3.0 Vision Camera (Color) CS Series


USB3.0 Vision Camera (Color) CS Series



1.Compliant with international industrial camera standard USB3 Vision
2.Lightweight and compact C-mount camera
3.USB camera ideal for embedded applications as it comes with an external trigger terminal
4.Compliant with RoHS, FCC, and CE! Can also be used for integration into products for overseas markets!
5.For those who have little experience using cameras, we will give you some advice!

●C-mount camera
●With external trigger input/strobe signal terminal
●With general purpose I/O terminal
●Sample SDK included

Model NumberCS41-CCS130U-CCS500-CCS500U-GCCS1200-CCS1200-GCCS2000-C
Image Sensor1/2.9 inch
400,000 pixels
1/2 inch
1.3M pixels
1/2.5 inch
5M pixels
ON Semiconductor
Aptina AR0521
1/2 inch
5M pixels
1/1.7 inch
12M pixels
1.1 inch
12M pixels
1 inch
20M pixels
Pixel Size(μm)6.9×6.94.8×4.82.2×2.22.5×2.51.85×1.853.45×3.45
Maximum Resolution720×5401280×10242592×1944

Frame rate*1120fps

Minimum Exposure Time(μsec)19283101044
Dynamic Range74dB59.6dB60dB63.9dB70.5dB72.2dB65.5dB
Shutter MethodGlobal ShutterGlobal ShutterRolling ShutterGlobal ShutterRolling ShutterGlobal ShutterRolling Shutter
External Power Supply*2DC9~24VDC9~24VDC12VDC9~24VDC9~24VDC12VDC12V
USB Bus Power
(DC5V)Power Consumption
Rated 3.0WRated 1.81WRated 2.5WRated 2.2WRated 3.42WRated 3.5WRated 2.83W
Camera MountC-Mount
PC ConnectionUSB3.0
Video FormatBayer・YUV・RGBBayer
Compatible OSWindows 10、11
Storage EnvironmentTemperature: -30℃~70℃
Humidity: 20%-80% or less (No Condensation)
Operating EnvironmentTemperature: 0℃C50℃
Humidity: 20%-80% (No condensation)
Size/Weight29x29x30mm/56g29x29x30mm/56g29x29x30mm/56g29x29x35.6mm/100g29x29x30mm/56g44x29x59mm/Approx 90g44x29x59mm/Approx 90g

USB3 Vision camera recommended points
1. Light weight and compact size

USB3 Vision camera is 29x29x30mm
Ultra-compact size!

2.Compliant with the international industrial camera standard USB3 Vision for industrial machine vision systems

What is USB3 Vision?
A unified standard for USB 3.0 interfaces for image processing developed by the AIA Automated Imaging Association for industrial cameras.

Transmission SpeedReliable data transfer according to USB3.0 standard(up to about 500 Mbytes/sec)
Receiving DeviceCurrently, most PCs and embedded systems are equipped with USB3, and additional interface cards such as frame grabbers are often unnecessary.
Cable LengthStandard passive copper wire: up to 3m
*Use GigE camera if long range is required.
*According to the USB3VISION standard, the maximum length of the USB cable is 3m. However, since it is necessary to consider the distance in PC, we recommend building at 2.5m.
ConnectorMicro-B Locking Connector or Standard and Powered-B Locking Connectors
Camera Power SupplyStandard passive cable: Maximum 43.5W (5V, 900mA)
Other FeaturesMultiple cameras possible

3.With external trigger terminal

With external trigger terminal
Furthermore, general-purpose I/O terminals are standard equipment!
The system is easier to assemble. ​
I/O cables are sold separately.

4.Multiple activation of cameras is possible!

It is possible to use multiple USB3 Vision cameras at the same time.
*The upper limit of the number of units differs depending on the performance of the PC.

5.We offer a wide range of options!

Fixed focus lens



Camera Stand

Shodensha's USB3 Vision camera can be used in four ways.
No programming or software purchase required!
You can shoot and record with the standard attached Viewer software! (Windows)

You can easily start testing and observation from the day you get it! ​
Viewer software is included as standard.
Therefore, you can start inspection and observation without develop program or purchasing separate software.
Still images and videos can be saved.

Use in combination with machine vision software such as HALCON and LabVIEW (Windows)
Shodensha's USB3 Vision cameras can be used with various machine vision software.

HALCONMVTec SoftwareWindows
*LabView requires NI-IMAQdx, which is included or sold separately.
National InstrumentsWindows
Adaptive Vision StudioFuture ProcessingWindows

*Please feel free to rent a camera to check if it works with your version.

You can develop your own programs.
■For Windows
SDK is included with the camera as standard (in the included CD)
With sample code (python, VC++, C#, VB.NET, C++Builder)
The SDK is included in the camera driver.
* Camera control using SDK requires some knowledge of C language such as memory and pointers, regardless of programming language.

■ For Linux
Please download the SDK. (Not included with camera.)
With sample code (python, VC++, C#, VB.NET, C++Builder)
The SDK is included in the camera driver.
* Camera control using SDK requires some knowledge of C language such as memory and pointers, regardless of programming language.

In addition, viewer software for operation confirmation is included as standard, allowing you to check images at the system design stage and check various parameter effects when creating programs.

Using the camera with the PetitSoft series developed by Shodensha (Windows)
Commercially available software has many functions but is expensive...
It's multi-functional, but I don't use all of them...
If it!
I wish I could do it at a low price, but now I can!
Single-function small software is recommended.

Can be saved/paused by trigger signal
trigger shooting software
Hi TriggerF Light

Simultaneous shooting with 1 to 4 cameras
4 screen display shooting software
Hi TriggerQ

Software that reliably records sudden events. Record directly to your computer's HDD/SSD.
Equipment monitoring drive recorder
Hi TriggerWatcher

We also offer a variety of other software such as long-time recording and fully synchronized recording.

CD-ROM (driver, SDK, instruction manual PDF file)
Tripod adapter included as standard
USB3.0 cable (2m)
IO cable is sold separately.


Contact to inquire about the product.
Tel: 02-664-2246
office hours : Monday - Friday 8.30 - 17.30

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