Amazing Long Range! You can observe at 400mm~200mm working distance. Long Range HD Microscope LRA200HD-2S(Stand-type)



FULL HD Microscope with resolution 1920 x 1080 that can be observed from long working distance.(resolution 5 times higher than Video microscrope)
Observing 11.0mm x 6.1mm field of view at 400mm of working distance.
Amazing Long Range!
It enables to observe the object without interfering with the observation field, so that you can make a variety of layouts.
Maximum magnification is 80x.
Can easily connect to monitor via HDMI cable.
※Please use 16:9 wide monitor.。

• Amazing Long Range! Working distance 400mm~200mm
• Resolution:1920x1028 FULL HD (1080p)
• No display delay(60fps)
• Images can be saved with Built in USB Flash slot(Image saved in BMP format)
• HDR(High Dynamic Range)function
• Display / Hide crossline(Black/White line)
• Built in external trigger terminal
• HDMI Cable cames as standard equipment

*Note: 32GB USB flash or less is required

※Monitors with an HDMI port are recommended. (May not be compatible with regular household television monitor) Please contact us for more information and the availability of demo equipment.

  Camera specification

Image sensorNumber of pixelResolutionConnection
1/3"CMOS2.0 Megapixel1920x1080 (Full HD) 24BitHDMI cable

  Set the working distance at 400mm


Field of view


105.0mmx59.0mm(at 3x)、11.0mmx6.1mm(at 30x)

   Set the working distance at 300mm

MagnificationField of view
5x-50x75.0mmx42.1mm(at 5x)、8.0mmx4.5mm(at 50x)

  Set the working distance at 200mm

MagnificationField of view
8x-80x47.0mmx26.0mm(at 8x)、5.0mmx2.8mm(at 80x)


Model NumberD-116FHA
PowerDC12V 1000mA
Screen Size11.6 inch (16:9)
Resolution1920X1080(FULL HD)
InputHDMI input HDMI terminal
Monitor body size282 X 180.5 X 15.3mm
Accessories11.6" LCD monitor, Monitor-fixed arm

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