4K Digital Camera TG800UHD



● Beautiful 4K image quality!

● Excellent color reproducibility!

The feature of this model

1. Beautiful 4K image quality!
2. Excellent color reproducibility!

Other function
30fps even at 4K
As a 4K camera when connected to a 4K monitor, When connected to a full high-definition monitor, it operates as a full high-definition camera.

can change the resolution to 2K
Can be used as a 2K (Full HD) camera by toggling the switch on top of the camera body. If used in 2K resolution, the frame rate will be 60fps.


Field-of-view15.5mmx12.0mm (x13)
Image Sensor1/2.5”CMOS
Pixel size(μm1.62×1.62
Maximum Resolution3840×2160(4K)・1920×1080(2K)
Frame Rate30fps(3840×2160時)


● 4K camera
● AC adapter 
● HDMI cable
● Cover
● Zoom lens
● Camera stand
● LED  Ring lights  56

Optional Parts for convenience

● 0.5X Auxiliary lens TG-0.5
        By combining the auxiliary lens to the microscope, the magnification is halved, increasing the working distance by 2times.

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