Long Arm Autofocus Digital Loupe



Convenient for observing objects on a desk as well as large objects placed on the floor with the 45° diagonal arm.

●Shodensha's industrial camera Beelex series
● Not only can you observe objects on a desk, but also convenient for observing large objects placed on the floor with the long arm and 45° diagonal arm.
●Uses a pan/tilt oscillating head that allows observation directly below and directly to the side.
●Comfortable operation with a “constant speed and smooth” pan head
●Ultra high-speed autofocus
●Full high-definition 2 million pixels!
●Up to 15x

Feature Video

●Ultra high-speed autofocus
Autofocus speed is faster than previous models!
Focuses on the center of the screen at super high speed.

Optical zoom function

Digital zoom function

Video/still image storage/playback possible

Can be saved with just the camera
Equipped with video and still image storage and playback functions on the camera body

Still images: JPEG format, BMP format
Video: H.264

Specifications *Magnification is a calculated value based on a 17-inch monitor.

Working Distance100mm~∞
Field Of ViewWorking distance: 100mm (closest distance)
171mmx92mm (at 2x)
24.3mmx13.5mm (at 15x)
Working distance: 200mm
235mmx132mm (at 1.5x)
32.4mmx18.2mm (at 11x)
Image Sensor1/2.8”CMOS
Resolution1920×1080 (Full HD)
Recording MediaUSB Flash Drive
Recording File FormatStill Image:JPEG/BMP Video:H.264
Dimensions (When Stored)200x700x800(H)mm
WeightApproximately 10kg


・Auto focus camera
・AC adapter
・USB flash drive(16GB)
・HDMI cable

・Long arm smooth stand

Usage Video

Easy Connection
Direct connection to HDMI monitor
*We recommend a PC monitor with HDMI port or industrial monitor.
(TV for home use are not compatible and may not be displayed.)
*Please use a 16:9 HDMI monitor.
We have a demo machine of camera available, so please check it out. Please contact technical support for details.

Contact to inquire about the product.
Tel: 02-664-2246
office hours : Monday - Friday 8.30 - 17.30 น.

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