Trinocular Stereo Microscope (Spectral Type)



Due to the 2-light path design, while observing with  eye,
You can also take pictures with the trinocular camera (optional)!

●7x to 45x zoom lens
●Working distance 100mm (70mm when LED ring lighting is installed)
●Eyepiece lens supports high eye point
●Dimmable 56-light LED ring lighting
●Spectral type that allows you to take pictures with the camera using the trinocular part while observing with  eye.


Total Magnification7x - 45x
Eyepiece Lens10x (High Eye Point)
Objective Lens0.7x - 4.5x 
Field Number20
Lens BarrelTrinocular Head(Optical Path Spectral Type)
Working Distance100mm
70mm (with LED ring lighting installed)
StandStand with φ95mm observation plate
Stand SizeW200xD320xH420mm

Dust Cover
Eye Rubber



7x - 45x zoom lens
You can continuously change the magnification using the dial on the side.
Focus adjustment
Left and right binocular diopter adjustment
Interpupillary distance adjustment

56-light dimmable LED ring light
LED lighting that never burns out and is dimmable.


Example of shooting at minimum and maximum magnification

10 yen coin with minimum magnification of 7x

10 yen coin with maximum magnification of 45x

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