Ultra high definition microscope, texture of metal can be observed up to 600 times zoom in



Metallographic microscope(ultra HD microscope) is a microscope that is suitable for observation of the surface of metal or non translucent object.
For our metallographic microscope GR3400, high quality of wide angle graphic can be observed by using the plan apochromat object lens or wide angle's eyepiece lens.
Use a 5 pins reverse revolver.
It also can be use for the quality control of mineralogy, precision machinery industry or even chemical industry etc..

• Epi-illumination for polorized observation.
• It is possible to attach either C mount camera or microscope camera.


Total magnificationEyepiece lensObject lensFocus point's adjustment
50x,100x,200x,400x,600x10x (18mm)Plan apochromat object lens(No cover glass
5x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 60xx
Coaxial Coarse/Fine Focus System(Tension adjustment mechanism, limit stopper, minimum scale 0.002mm)

RevolverInterpupillary distanceLens barrelPolarization equipment
Reversed revolver(5 pins)53-75mmTrinocularPolarizer, analyzer

FilterStageLightingPower supply
Filter turret
(Yellow、blue、green、frosted glass)
Mechanical stage 203x255mm6V 20W halogen lamp
(With dimming mechanism)
AC100V 50/60Hz

203x255x421(h) mm8.2kg

  0.5X C-Mount Adapter compatible with metallographic microscope CDA34-0.5

When attached 1/3 inch or 1/2.5 inch C-Mount Camera, you can take a picture clearer than observing by naked eyes.

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